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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Sorry it's been a while - I keep intending to do these things after work before bed and then the concept of sleep takes hold. Although I do send a few group emails now and again they aren't the most informative, usually consisting of forwarded emails.

Last weekend my friend Anna came up from Margaret River to visit. I know her through one of the lads at work. She's from Scotland and travelling here. We ended up going Diving off Bussleton Jetty...

On the work front, it's going ok, but I'm hectic. My colleague Emma is only doing half days at the moment as she's has Glandular fever and can't shake it. On the up side I've been picked to represent Australasia at the Arup Americas Design School. So jammy ol me gets to go to San Francisco for a week in Nov. When I get back Alun and his girlfriend Gemma should be passing through for a few days - so looking forward to that.

Margaret River

My parents were out here at the end of September which was great. We went down to Margaret River for a few days - did whale watching/ fishing/wine tours/canoe tour, had great are a few pics...

Christmas news

In order to get out of the terrible Australian weather in December, I'm getting a free flight back with work and have decided to take it at Xmas - so I'll be coming back for a couple of weeks. I'm intending to get a few people round but obviously a bit tricky over that period - but we'll see what we can arrange - Boy I need to sort that out!

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Thanks for checking out my new Blog. I doubt that much in the way of daily journals, thoughts or comments will actually manifest, but I might surprise myself.

I've been out of the UK for a little over a year now, having left with all the intentions of setting something like this up so that people can keep tracks of me. Obviously, that hasn't happened as fast as I would have hoped, but I guess better late than never....

I'll try and use this area to post pics and keep people up to date, as the whole group email thing often degenerates into forwarding mildly funny or obscene email jokes to people (not that that should stop!), but I have felt that over the course of time, I have become slack and let some of you down.

So I hope you enjoy the postings and stay in touch over time....