Fire Boy Downunder

The adventures of a little Brit ex-pat on his tour of duty...tales of bravery, dragons, maidens and drunkeness.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

New Years Eve 2006

So i'm over in the UK and have been invited to Fayes' house party for NY 06. The theme is London Underground Stations, and I drag Tim along for the ride. Tim has gone as Bond St - any excuse to dress up in a Tuxedo. I've gone as (Hat)ton(cross).... easy!

The train stops in at Waterloo and Bond and the Cockney lookin fella get off - a bit peckish the two head to the pub. After some good grub and a few pints of ale in us, we decide to head to the party....not before a few shorts though!

We get off the tube at Tooting broadway and head to the party with the map upside down. 15minutes later we're heading in the right direction and warmed up fully for the party, of which we know one person.

We soon find ourselves surrounded by some very friendly young ladies - who could only be described a 'fine examples of womanhood'. Fortunately (for them) a combination of some red wine, kick-arse dance moves and a slippery floor put the Cockney on his butt and they made they're exit - hayhoo, at least it gave Bonds' laughing muscles a work out. Needless to say that Bond got the ladies. Some examples of the hotties.....

Hot eh??

Xmas Eve

Popped into Wokingham on Christmas Eve to have a few cheeky drinks and catch up with some faces from Christmas Past and Present. Here are a few pics of Tim, Lisa Chat, Shani and Lee....and me

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Christmas 2006

I finally made it back to the UK after the second attempt at landing in the fog at Heathrow on the 22nd Dec... There started the drinking binge that was Xmas 2006.
Managed to catch up with most people and for those that I missed, I hope you had a great Holiday and new year. It was great to see you all again, and made me realise what I was missing out on, but seeing you all again made the trip worth it and will help me get through the days until we meet again. Some pics from Xmas and the Rugby (Harlequins v Newcastle)
Speacial thanks to everyone who made it to my parents house on the friday - I had an aweome time with you all, couldn't wish for a better group of friends....xxxAli