Fire Boy Downunder

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Leaving Perth

So after nearly 2.5 years in Perth, WA and after about 2 years of wanting to leave, I finally left. The decision was getting harder by the day as my relationship with Karen got stronger and stronger, but having set my sights on coming out here to work in other places and get away from the depressing City of Perth council it was inevitable.

Karen and I are well and truelly together but she needs to remain in Perth for a while longer to finish her studies in Commercial Cooking and Hospitality Management at least until I've figured out if the East coast is where I want to be.

So where am I moving to...? Well, Sydney is the destination , that was until I was asked to help out here in Brisbane. Will be here in BrisVegas until end of Feb, helping out before going to Sydney. they've put me up in a sweet pad so making the most of the 'Gravy Train'!

Karen is coming over for the Australia Day lng weekend so i can't wait!!

Christma in KL

Christmas day was spent in Perth at friends of Karen's...that was after we baked on the beach 43 degC in the morning! Presents were opened over Skype with the folks in the Motherland.

On boxing day we flew to Kuala Lumpur to spend 8 days with my Aunt and Uncle. We arrived late but the welcoming committee was still up and waiting with drinks. This included my cousin William before he headed back to the UK the next day to continue with his Household Cavelry training. My other cousin Caroline was there as well and it was great to spend time with her which included trips to China Town and a great arvo wakeboarding with her.

The trip was action packed and we pretty much something everyday, including a night in Mellacca, quad bikig up to waterfalls and plenty of shopping!