Fire Boy Downunder

The adventures of a little Brit ex-pat on his tour of duty...tales of bravery, dragons, maidens and drunkeness.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Great Weekend

Well, it's the end of the birthday weekend. I took off an extra weekend and Karen goes back to Perth tomorrow. She'll be over for good in July and we can't wait. A few pics from our day today....

Birthday evening

Well about 5 days before my birthday I figured I should really have a few drinks to celebrate being one year closer to 30! Fortunately, my good friend Paul and His girlfriend, Anne-Marie are living in Sydney now and it happened to be her birthday on the 29th May and had been tryikng to motivate me to have some joint drinks. We chose The Clock hotel in Surrey Hills and ended up having a great night with friends. With all the new faces and groups of friends, I almost forgot to take any photos - and to my shame, didn't even get a picwith my girl or with Paul and Anne Marie, but managed to get a few pics as people started to head home...

Happy Birthday to Me!

So the birthday boy had a voucher for Jet boating on the harbour, and thought it would be a great idea to buy Karen one too. Well it's fair to say that she wasn't too impressed at the idea, but we ended up having a great time and didn't get too wet - The only hairy part was when the driver decided it would be very funny to head straight at the cliffs and turn at the last minute!