Fire Boy Downunder

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pics of BrisVegas at night

A casual ride out

Well I was convinced by Nick to head out for a casual moutain bike ride and take in the heights and tracks of Mt Cootha just outside Brisbane. Well lets just say that there was nothing casual about nearly passing out several times on the way up!

The heat from the tarmac was oppressive and I was riding between shade stopping about five times on the 2 km ride up the steep hill. never have I been in so much pain with the humid heat.

Saying all that at least I made it....and made the cafe rich through purchasing several bottles of Gatorade ad water!

James' Stag party

I met James when I first started at Arup in 2002. The Kiwi had just arrived in Leeds on a secondment. Six years on I'm in brisbane and he's the boss man.

Off we headed to Russell island taking full advantage of his Bros beach house. Plently of booze flowing and plenty of back-yard cricket being played the night was void of girls but was fun never-the-less. We even managed to get out for a spot of fishing when the boat arrived.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


On friday 8th feb, a fedw of the lads headed over to the Suncorp Stadium to watch the local A-league team (proper footbal), the Queensland Roar take on Sydney FC, in the quarterfinals. Almost got washed out by the 30 min torrential down pour but the only thing we had to contend with at kick-off was the moth influx and rubbish beer. The Roar beat Sydney 2-0 with a couple of cracking goals - for Aussies....

Brisbane Motor Show

Thurs 7th feb - headed over to the Brisbane motor show with Nick from work and his brothers and dad to check out the cars. Not a bad turn out from the manufacturers. Caught the unveiling of the new BMW 1.35, but not overly convinced, it looks like a bit of a kit car that's meant to look like a 3 series only smaller...see for yourself.....

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Aus v India One Day-er

So Dave asks if I would like a spare ticket to see the game at the Gabba, they're great seats so i take them - Note to self - look at the weather forecast!
To be honest though it was well worth it, even with 3 rain delays and no result. Got to see Adam Gilchrist on one of his last games and India put up a good fight.

Sunday, February 03, 2008


Sampling Brisbane;
  • It rains more than Perth
  • It more humid - I don't stop sweating from leaving the front door
  • No daylight saving, it gets light about 5am - sucks
  • Being put up in a sweet pad with pool
All in - having a great time here, and people at work are great.