Fire Boy Downunder

The adventures of a little Brit ex-pat on his tour of duty...tales of bravery, dragons, maidens and drunkeness.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Off to Belfast

So It was time to go to Belfast to meet Karen's folks and Brother. Although I managed to catch the cold from hell before arriving, it was straight out for a few Guiness's which sorted out the sniffles. Great trip particularly the Kareoke night with all of Karen's friends fortunately I had a great excuse not to sing!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Wedding

So it was finally time to head to the wedding to be one of two best men. What a fantastic venue, those of you who are on Facebook can see more pics there, but here's a taste for you. The day before we took the chance to look around our new domain and relax with the Groom before his big day.

The morning of the wedding Alun had the inspired idea to go shooting! Fortunately he survived, to our amasement.

So I was a touch busy during the ceromony, but here is a taste of the after party....and what a time it was. Dan and Roland even gave us a tune....


Then round to Grandad's for a good feed...

mmmm roast beef and gravy!

next stop...

Bournemouth to see the Groom and Bride to be, write the speach and get drunk!

Christmas 2008

It was time to return to the UK for Christmas after being away for far too long. I was back for a wedding and of course to see family and friends. First stop was round to Grandad's to help dismantle the Piano, although Ben managed to also dismantle the sledgehammer used in the process!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Brissy trip

Spent a great weekend with Donald and his 4x4, checking out the bush north of Brisbane and camping out the night under the stars and having the mother of all bbq's! Down side was discovering hte next day that a tick had burrowed into my leg, which freaked me out a little, as all I could find on google was stuff on paralysis ticks! All good so far and not damage other than a hole in my leg and the usual mental impairements.
The next day we found welcome relief from the heat in a local watering hole and met some very large spiders on route.