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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Alun & Gem

Arrived back from SF (see post) on Tuesday to be met off the flight by Alun and Gemma
strange considering they were visiting me).

They had arrived in Sydney and spent some time there before coming over to Perth to visit Alun's Uncle and head down to Margaret River.

I had taken the rest of the week off work and spent the few days they had left chilling on the beach, Diving in Rottnest Island, Surfing (or drowning depending on your perspective) in Scarborough, eating in Fremantle, and bbq'ing in hotel Morrison. Here are a few pics from the the week....

San Francisco

Last Wednesday, I headed off to San Francisco for an 'Americas Training School' with work. Somehow work had managed to pick a Pom to represent the Australiasia region over there - but I wasn't comlaining!
After almost 21 hourse of travelling I arrived two hours after leaving and headed to the hotel to dump the bags. Popped into work to meet up with some colleagues I had worked with in the UK and was given some tips on what to get up to. This also included the warning not to turn left out the office at all costs - A nice place called Tenderloin where one of the staff had been tenderised a few weeks before. One of the first things that struck me was the poverty and homelessness in this place, which was magnified by the contrasting wealth that lay all around - bit depressing really.

Here are some pics from my first day....

The next day, myself along with guys from HK the UK and a group of Americans from offices around the country where picked up and taken to the Marconi conference centre set in woodland about 1.5hours north of SF.
Spent the next couple of days doing group tasks and activities, designing things like sustainable solutions to redevelop New Orleans - Which, i will add our group won with the new elevated mass transit system! The rest of the time was spent either making the most of the free booze or recovering from a stinking hangover.

After heading back to SF on Sat evening we went out for dinner and numerous beers. One thing that impresed me was the number and qaulity of the micro-breweries in SF - the whole place has a really good vibe and and some old pubs with real Character (recommend Vesuvio if you ever go). Highlight of the night was definately the cab ride down the steep hills (almost getting air) with the tunes banging out the cab.

Last day was spent nursing a sore head and checking out Alcatraz, see pics below...

Arrived back in Perth on Tuesday, to be met off the flight by Alun and Gemma who were visiting on their hols....see next post above
//(As I write this Kevin Petterson has been given out for a very dubious lbw and Flintoff is out for a Duck on a No Ball!! - not looking good for the first test!)

Monday, November 06, 2006

Gone Fighing....

What to do on a Sunday??? Sunday Lunch? A walk?
Bugger that, get down the beach, have a swim, get busted for perving at the girl with the big knockers, then grab the rod and beers and get fishin!

What better way to watch the sun set, with beer in hand, Tailor on the line, Dolphins jumping, sealions splashing, and watching your mate Donald slip into the sea!!

To top it off..dinner is served....

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Trip to New Zealand

Below are some pics from the New Zealand ski trip I went on back in August. I only went for 10 days but we packed a load in - including 5 blokes and all kit in one car! More pics on the photo link on my previous post.

We hired a car from Christchurch,and headed to the club fields of Canterbury, taking in Mt Olympus, Craigieburn and Temple Basin, before heading down the West coast via the glaciers and ending up in Wanaka and Queenstown for some snowboarding.

I thought it was a beautiful country that reminded me a lot of Scotland. Gotta go back and explore some more...