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Sunday, April 06, 2008

New place

So I've found a place to live in Sydney - Double Bay to be exact. Sharing with the owner. She'sgoing travelling in May and I'll have the place to myself until August. At which point we're hoping that Karen will be over from Sydney and we'll find a place to live.
Here are a few pics of the new place....

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Pain in the arse....

Basically I have a bulging disc at L4-L5 which is pinching a nerve and also now causing a bit of pain in my left glute and calf. The prognosis is that it's likely I have it for good now and hopefully the pain will go a bit or at least within 6 weeks(fingers crossed). Can't run/ ski/ bike/ etc etc which is gutting and just have to give it a chance to go down. There is limited use for other therapies, but the doc suggested that I go to the physio to learn a few things. I'll also go back to the Osteopath for one or two appoitnments to see what they can do and obviously go back to the Pilates. Need to get rid of the pain though...bring on the pills!

That gives you some background ...hey hoo....


After a couple of weeks in Sydney I managed to score a work trip to Darwin for a project. Unfortunately I didn't get enough time for a fishing trip but managed to cool down with a beer by the hotel pool after a day walking around.
The end of the wet season and still a bit of activity...

Next Stop Sydney

Well it been a while since I last posted and a lot has happened since arriving in Sydney at the beginning of March.

I arrived at the same time as Mum and Dad where arriving for their holiday and so there was a good excuse to do the tourist things and trekked around town, checking out the bats and even catching some of the Mardi Gras with them. All this whilst trying to join the fire team in Sydney and find my feet in the new office overlooking Darling Harbour.

While Mum and Dad were over Karen came across from Perth for a visit and to meet the folks. We had a great weekend and managed to have a birthday dinner for Karen at the Summit restaurant on the 42nd floor of Australia Square and also climbed the bridge.

Throuhout all this I even managed to find a place to live, not far from town in a place called Double bay.